Sunday, 10 January 2016

Preserve Your Privacy

While you may be aware that the Australian Government implemented into law that your Internet history, from whom you received and to who you sent email, and where you went on the Internet is to be retained by ISP's for surveillance purposes. The guise for this was to protect us from criminals and terrorists.

The Government knows of course that such people do not use open electronic communications. They will use, e.g. virtual private networks (VPN), encryption, onion routing, to avoid detection. That raises the question of why did the Government do this. The answer is so obvious that it does not need to be stated here.

We are dealing with principles here, something that Governments can sideline as it suits them. do we preserve some measure of privacy as a matter of principle? You could run a virtual private network (VPN).

A software VPN is easy enough to set up, but may be a little tricky to configure. Once set up you can nominate which programs are routed through it - called 'split tunnelling", e.g. your browser (though it is better to use one other than your primary browser), and another email program other than the primary if the primary does not work correctly through a VPN. To take that to another level you could run Pale Moon (a more secure version of Firefox), and eMail Client (known to work within most VPN's).

You could for instance run everything on a day to day basis through a VPN - there aren't any limits except any monthly data limits that a provider may stipulate.

Using Pure VPN as an example - you can switch around between servers located in many different countries around the globe, or stay with one - preferably offshore and excluding U.S.A. U.K. Australia. Net speeds are not noticeably impacted. You choose which programs use split tunnelling. Your real Internet Protocol address (IP address) is not shown, but the one allocated by the server logged to is. Trying to trace that results in a server location bearing no resemblance to reality, e.g. the middle of the western distributor in Sydney.

In summary - being more or less an outline - if you want more information or assistance with a VPN the contact information is at the Contacts page.

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