Friday, 8 January 2016

Computer Security

I’d estimate that 50% of customers I encounter either pay little attention to, or are totally unaware of security on their computer. Things like subscriptions run out, security program not activated, unaware whether the program is running the protection elements in the background, and so on.
Then there are the people whose computer becomes infected by Trojans and the other malicious software that forms the payload, and they are at a loss as to the state of the computer. When someone is shown the scanning screen capture printout detailing 1142 infections (this was a real world case) it doesn’t appear to be a serious matter to them.

The point about this situation is do you think people need to become much more aware of what computer security is about? This blog is open for discussion.

Given the above is generalized, please add a more specific topic request into Comments if you want more. Ed.

# 09 Jan 2016, 6:35 pm

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